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'''Marion King Hubbert''' (October 5, 1903 – October 11, 1989) was an American geologist and geophysicist. He worked at the Shell Oil Company|Shell research lab in Houston, Texas. He made several important contributions to geology, geophysics, and petroleum geology, most notably the Hubbert curve and Hubbert peak theory (a basic component of peak oil), with important political ramifications. He was often referred to as "M. King Hubbert" or "King Hubbert".
Birth nameMarion King Hubbert
Birth dateOctober 5, 1903
Birth placeSan Saba, Texas, U.S.
Death date{{death date and age|1989|10|11|1903|10|5}}
Death placeBethesda, Maryland, U.S.{{cite news|url=|title=M. King Hubbert, 86, Geologist; Research Changed Oil Production|last=Narvaez|first=Alfonso|date=October 17, 1989|work=New York Times|accessdate=21 November 2013}}
Other names| nationality = American
Known forHubbert peak theory
AwardsPenrose Medal (1973)
Vetlesen Prize {{small|(1981)}}
Elliott Cresson Medal (1981)
Spouse| occupation = Geologist, geophysicist
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